Avalanche Heavy Duty Slide Kit


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Perfect for metal roofs and roofs that can tear the standard slide material on the Avalanche Original models. This slide kit is heavy-duty and will resist tearing and shredding.

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  • Mounted to the standard 17″ cutting axle and fits Avalanche Original models 500, 750, 1000, and Driftbuster 550.
  • Includes 3″ Wheels, same as Avalanche Original model 750.
  • The slide Material is 10 Oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • Heavy Duty Slide material is 17″ wide by 12′ long and mounted with a blue protective strip.
  • Includes Slide Winder Tool (Conveniently winds slide material on the axle for storage)


  • Brand: Avalanche
  • Assembled Weight (lbs): 2.15
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