Ridgid K400 Auto Feed Assembly (26773)


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Power through drain blockages with less effort by attaching the RIDGID K400 Auto Feed Assembly to the K400 drum machine. The drum machine is a professional-grade drain cleaner manufactured for rental-property owners or facility and restaurant managers who often find it necessary to unclog drains. The Ridgid auto-feed assembly makes that task easier. It uncoils or rewinds 100 feet of 1/2-inch inner core cable automatically at 10 to 14 feet a minute, providing more power to unclog blockages. The automatic cable feed can be attached easily to the drum machine with mounting fasteners, and it weighs just over 3 pounds. The auto-feed is controlled with a 3-position ball handle at forward, neutral, and reverse. The Ridgid K400 Auto Feed Assembly is equipped with an override system so that the drum cleaner can be used manually while the assembly is attached.


  • The Ridgid auto-feed assembly is an indispensable accessory to the Ridgid K400 drum machine for owners of multiple rental properties and managers of facilities and restaurants
  • The assembly unwinds and rewinds a 1/2-inch cable at 10 to 14 feet a minute
  • Easily mounted to the machine, it has a simple 3-position operating control
  • The Ridgid K400 Auto Feed Assembly has a full lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and production flaws


  • Brand: Ridgid
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 13.0 Inches
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Cable Length (ft): 4
  • Drain Cable End: Drain Cable End
  • Engine Horsepower (hp): 0.5
  • Maximum Travel Distance (ft): 100
  • Recommended Maximum Pipe Diameter (in): 0.5
  • Recommended Minimum Pipe Diameter (in): 0.38
  • Rust Resistant: Yes
  • Cable Included: Yes
  • Drain Cable / Rod Size (in): 1/2
  • Drain Cable Type: Cable-in-Cable
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