KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Compact Dish Rack


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Designed to make clean up after meal prep and cooking easy, this KitchenAid Compact Dish Rack is a must-have for your home.


  • Multi-Functional design drains over any sink or atop a drying mat on the countertop and can handle assorted dinnerware such as plates, bowls, and cups and full-sized pots and pans
  • Self-draining board is designed with the perfect pitch, to avoid water pooling in the rack and is removable for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty, satin-coated, rust-resistant wires secure items and soft feet keeps dish rack from scratching countertops
  • All parts are removable and easy to hand wash when needed
  • Removable flatware caddy, with built-in, dishwasher inspired handle and adjustable compartments for cutlery and specialty items


  • Brand: KitchenAid
  • 6.69″H x 14.96″W x 20.08″D
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